Switching Gears!

I know this page is mostly for paper crafts but why not ALL crafts.  All kinds of people love all kinds of crafts in one form or another don’t you agree?  I have a variety of things I like to work on and I don’t always post them but I’m going to start.  I have a close friend who saw me crocheting one day and asked if I would teach her.  I just love sharing things I love so today I’m sharing my love for sewing.  Now I am in no means a seamstress nor do I have the talent that my mother has but, I have a love for it and sometimes that is all that matters  With a little practice, I will get better and that goes a long way.

Since I have been switching gears lately I dug out my sewing machine and began sewing up a few things that makes my heart happy.  I have been making items from microwavable bowl warmers to pillows for my couch!  I have also made a couple of lanyards for my work badges and I even made a sewing tool pouch for my sewing tools, scissors, cutters, etc.  

I have collected many patterns over the years but now I’m finding them all over the web for free.  The web makes things so nice and easy to find these days.  How did we ever get along before the WEB started!  I don’t know why I didn’t dig this machine out sooner.  I forgot how much fun sewing is and how many things you can make for your home and family that is stylish and fun!  My next project is going to be soft (binky) holders for the new grand babies.  I have been scouring over Pinterest for sewing projects and I thought the pacifier holder is just the cutest idea ever!  I’m going to try and make one of these tomorrow and see how that turns out.  Below are a few items I have made lately.


I just love my sewing machine!  Now if only there were more choices to go buy fabric in a store so that I can feel the fabric!  All of the fabric stores that specialize in sewing needs have shut down in my area.  Hobby Lobby is my best option now but they do not have a wide selection of fabrics.  The do have more than my local Walmart so that is a plus but I really want a department store sized fabric shop! Ha

On another note, I was digging around last night and I found this old antique Singer sewing machine that I need to find information on for parts.  I was given this by my daughter in law many years ago and I tucked it away for safe keeping and totally forgot I had it until I opened a cabinet last night and found it!  It’s like Christmas for me early!  What an amazing find!  It has got to be 1920 – 1930’s era but I’m not really up to speed on my sewing machine antiques.  I just think it will be amazing to sew with if I can find parts for it.  I have a serial number so I’m going to research the internet and see what I can come up with.  Wish me luck!

Do you sew?  If so, what are you favorite items to make?  Leave me a comment below and Happy Sewing!


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