Craft Room Make-over

Here’s what’s new in my Craft Addict Studio this weekend!

Hello friends!  Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I have been super busy trying to re-design my craft studio for better use of space and light!  So, I spent all day yesterday re-arranging and re-organizing my craft studio. I wanted to be able to use my window to let light in and since my desk was in front of it before I started stacking organizing cubes on top of it, I wanted my window back.  Note the purple curtains on my window behind my desk.

You probably know what it is like to ask your husband to start moving HEAVY furniture….lol.  He was not too happy but he helped me anyway.  Everything is always dramatically hard to do…(lol).  I should have thought about moving my room around before I got the cubes but, I was just excited to get a craft room started.  I didn’t expect to keep buying the cubes until I couldn’t see out of my window, it was only 2 cubes in the beginning.  So, I got it moved around after about 4 hours of hauling things into my hallway.   It was a huge job since my desk is solid wood AND it is FULL.  The drawers are not so easy to just take out since it is an old piece of furniture so I had to move it FULL!

I never realized how much crafting supplies I have bought in a years time but trust me, it is a lot!  I found things I didn’t even remember I had.  lol.  I now have a LOT more room to craft and I even have plenty of room to set up my craft table and walk around it for when I have friends or family come over to craft with me.  My walls are a little busy but I am working on that part today.  Although, my husband says artists are messy so maybe I will leave it for inspiration!  So, below, I am posting before and after pictures.

Now, these are my New Craft Studio pics below:

I would love to get some new ideas for my studio AND my walls.  All comments are encouraged and welcomed!

While I was cleaning out and re-organizing, I found a few stamps that I have more than one so, I’m having a give-away!  Subscribe to my blog for a free B-Size stamp.  The stamp is called Look To The Light and it’s perfect sayings for the inside of your cards.  I have used it quite a bit.  It’s perfect for Christmas cards or sympathy cards.  You could also use it for layouts.  Subscribe and win!  This excludes family and CTMH consultants.  The drawing will be held in 2 weeks on Saturday, September 13, 2014.  Be sure to subscribe to win.  Thanks for visiting and come back often!

Look to the Light






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