Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

This post is a tribute to my father.  I love you dad!  You are the best.  I know everyone says that but my dad has done a lot for me in my lifetime and I didn’t make it very easy for him.  He would do anything for his children when we were small and he still wants to always help us and be there for us as adults.  All we have to do is ask and he is there.  He drops everything else he has going on just to be there for his kids.  Dad, you are my hero and words cannot express the love I have in my heart for you.  Happy Father’s Day!  I made this card just for you.  I hope you like it.  There is a special message inside so I won’t post that.  You will just have to open it.  Love you Dad!


Father's Day Card 2016

Father’s Day Card 2016


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