Ribbon Rivalry Changes


The Ribbon Revelry campaign has been a smashing success. Chevron ribbon has been flying out our doors and to your doorsteps, and now all Outdoor Denim and Ruby chevron ribbon has completely sold out. But October isn’t over yet and neither is this campaign—the show must go on! So we’re happy to announce that for the remainder of the month, you will now receive a special surprise ribbon or trim with all qualifying orders. Enjoy!

Have you seen the new Christmas Workshops on the Go?  We have 2, Snowhaven and Yuletide Carol.  They are put together for making your Christmas cards easy as 123.  Each WOTG comes with the following items:

My Acrylix® Snowhaven Card-making Workshop (D-size) stamp set
Snowhaven B&T Duos™ Papers (2 sheets)
Card-stock (4 sheets, various)
White Daisy Cards & Envelopes (15 each)
Red Enamel Hearts (72 pieces)
Silver Shimmer Trim
It even comes with an Instructional Guide to help you with cutting the sizes and colors.

To order click here

Look at these fabulous cards made with Snowhaven!  Send and WOW your family and friends this year with your very own handmade by you Christmas cards.

Workshop on the Go

Workshop on the Go

Check out the Yuletide Carol below and order here.

Yuletide CarolThank you for visiting and come back often!


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