Sew Changing it Up!

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I have been super busy lately in my day job and I have not had the chance to do a whole lot of anything in my craft studio lately.  I say that but, I got an idea in my head last Saturday morning that I was going to do some long awaited scrapbooking.  I have kind of put all of my scrapbook pages on hold since I got hooked on stamping and making cards.  I just love it and every time I think I am going to pull out my pictures, all of my beautiful CTMH papers are staring me right in the face!  This is what I get for displaying them in an open container!  I am so in love with the brushed paper, I just can’t get enough of it.  I bet it would make a gorgeous scrapbook page but the cards and tips I find on the internet makes me want to make more cards!  Okay so I got off  of my subject for a minute.  This is just how my mind seems to work especially working a turnaround (shutdown) for 11 hours a day in a refinery right now.  My mind is coming and going all at the same time!


Okay so back on the subject a little.  As I was saying, I was determined to work on a page and I was stuck for inspiration.  I opened up my laptop to find more pictures to send to print and while in my email, up pops a picture of a cute bag!  Okay so I had to have it!  I (uncovered!) my sewing machine, blew off the dust, and started warming her up.  I can’t remember the last time I actually sat down to sew anything but I had a blast making this cute little bag.  I had to stop and make a trip to Walmart to get material but it didn’t take me long.  I loved it so much when it was completed that I found some of my scrap material and made another kind of bag.  I normally only post about crafting but I think anything you make with your hands is a God given talent and it is very crafty and worth mentioning.  I by no means claim to be a seamstress or talented in the craft of sewing.  I am very new to it but, the directions for this pattern were so easy that I surprised myself in how well it came out.  I got this pattern off of Craftsy.  I am not sure if any of you know about this website but I found it by accident one day and I just love it!  No matter what craft you want to learn, they have lessons to learn that craft.  Some are free, some are not but most are all on sale and very reasonable because they are yours for life!  Anyway, on with the pictures.  Just keep in mind that I am a newbie to sewing and I have never liked how my items turn out (which is why my machine is normally covered up….hehe).  I really like the way these turned out (maybe it is just the beautiful material that makes it look good).


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