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I know I’m a little late in posting this but, I have had quite a week getting ready for this upcoming wedding shower!  It’s all about the decorations.  I hit every garage sale in town this past weekend and ended up with quite a haul!  I found the old suitcases I need to finish out the travel theme.  I found a birdcage which I will incorporate into the theme as they are going to an island.  I also found a topiary that will look quite nice packed with flowers.  I also found me a little something to keep my handmade cards in with dividers in the top and a medium sized drawer underneath that fit my envelopes quite nicely.  Good finds this weekend.

With all of my activities and deadlines, I’ve decided to start keeping a planner (which seems to be the going fad these days).  Since I bought one, I have been searching on the internet for little dividers and tags that will fit in it and instead, I saw really cute things that I can make myself!  I always tend to drift to the DIY sites and I’m so glad I did!  I found a bunch of printables online in different designs.  I tried to print them out on labels but I just couldn’t get them to print out right.  They have a sheet in the office supply stores that is all sticky with no boundaries which works out perfectly!  I also wanted to try and make my own stickers so here is what I came up with and how I did it for free on Picmonkey.  I am going to show you step – by – step how to design your own stickers.  I love Picmonkey and I pay the small amount per year just so I can have ALL of their cool designs and fonts!  It is well worth it to me because I use it so often.  It is so much easier than Gimp or PhotoShop especially if you are new to the graphics design as I am.  The orange crown next to the text shows the ones you can get if you pay for it.


1. You go to Picmonkey


2.  Make sure you have pictures on your computer that you want to use.  They can be anything, jpg, png, etc.  Cartoon type pics make really cute designs.

3.  Start by opening a collage in Picmonkey.  Hover over the collage in the top picture menu and a drop box will open to give you a choice of where you want to pull your pictures from.  I pulled mine from my computer.  It will then pull your pictures into a box on the left and put the collage on the right side.  You will have 4 icons on the left side next to your pictures.  Pic the second option which is layouts.  If you hover over these icons the name of the icon will pop up.  Choose one of the layouts by clicking on the icon and then pic one of the options it gives you.  I chose L-egant but you can pick anything because you can change the sizes later. Click on the option and it gives you more options with different layouts to choose from.


4.  Next, look at the collage format in the middle of your screen and look at the bottom underneath the layout, you will see the settings for the pixels.  Change the setting to 2550 x 3000 pixels.  That would be the size for an 8.5 x 11″ paper.  You will have to click the little lock button on the side in order to allow it to change proportions, otherwise it will stay in a square shape.

5.  Next, click on the photos icon on the top left side of your screen.  Click on “open photos” and choose photos from your desktop to upload.

6.  Click and drag your photos to the boxes.  You can drag photos into the spaces between the boxes.  It will add more spots to your collage.  Change the sizes of the pictures by dragged on the edges of the pictures.  You cannot zoom in on your pictures but you can drag them around in the space and you can drag the space smaller or larger by dragging the bottom or sides.  Now this is the step that took me a minute to figure out.  On the 4th icon down (the painters palette) is the background icon. Click on the background icon.  You can change the spacing in between the circles, and make the corners rounded.  You can also change colors of your background but I left mine white.  Rounding the corners is what I did with mine.  You can add more pictures to make them all the same size or make them different.

7.  The Swatches tab allows you to add patterns instead of a picture. It is the 3rd icon down on the left.



9.   You can then save it to your computer.  Go to the top and click save as: .  After you save it, click on the “x” in the top right corner.  Then, go to edit a photo which is in the top menu near the save button.  Your photo collage should be there.  If not, just upload the one you saved.  Now, you can add text and overlays or anything else your heart desires.
10. Click on the Overlays icon and you can add fun doodly hearts, stars and shapes.  At this point, I am really tempted to pay for Premium!  Drag some fun designs on to your stickers.  The menu should look like this:  The butterfly is the overlay.
I even added textures to mine.  The possibilities are endless!
11.   Finally, click on the “T” on the left, the text icon.  Now you can add words if you’d like.  There are some very fun fonts here.
12.The last step is to save your file.  Then, load up your sticker paper in your printer and print off your file.  Now you have stickers!  YAY!!!!!  Your stickers can be any shape or size, because you will cut out each shape individually.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I really enjoyed making my own Stickers and they are so much fun.  Add them to your planners or even your very own artwork, scrapbook pages, homemade cards or whatever you like.  You could even make stickers for your children (6 and older) to play with.  Kids all love stickers!  Just keep an eye out on them depending on their age group so they don’t eat them and choke.  They are fun for coloring books or even chore charts / grades/ etc.
I made one that I can cut out in different designs and then I made on just for birthdays.
I always have to write the word “Birthday” beside their name so I know why I wrote their name.  Now, I only have to put the sticker beside their name… 🙂  Thanks for visiting and I hope this post helps you design your very own stickers!
Here is my planner along with some other printables I got online before I decided to make my own:
I also made the paperclips you see at the top of my planner out of ribbon.  Tutorial on that tomorrow!
Planner Clips




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