Texas Scrapbook Cabin Retreat

Good morning everyone!  It is National Scrapbooking Month during the month of May  and I am celebrating at a retreat this weekend in a beautiful cabin in the woods.  I have been trying to catch up on some of my scrapbook pages to finally finish an album but I never get that far in my studio at home.  There is always a birthday, or a holiday, or some type of celebration going on so I spend my time making cards instead of scrapbooking.  The best part is we get a massage on these retreat weekends so all of the aches and pains from working on your layouts get massaged away.  After my massage, it is back to the crafting table.  This weekend is all about scrapbooking so hopefully I will get something accomplished..

This weekend I get to spend time with friends from close to me and from far away.  I have met so many people since I have been going to retreats.  We are a group of 11 and we are having so much fun catching up and working on our pages.  It is always fun to see others creativity.  It gives me more inspiration to be creative.  They are all loving the flip flaps from Close To My Heart.  They are great to hold all of your extra pictures that may go with your theme but you don’t necessarily want to create any extra pages for these pictures.  You just put them in the flip flaps and attach them to the front of your page protector and your visitors can flip through them and see it was all part of the same memory as your page.  You can order your flip flaps here.  Below is one layout I made using the 12″ flip flaps and one of the 4×6″ flip flap.  I wanted to get in my trip to a waterfall all on one page without having to make a bunch of pages for 1 trip to the park.

I hope you all get to scrapbook this month.  There are retreats all over and most likely there is one near you.  If you have never been to a retreat, take out a weekend and go.  You will not regret!  Thanks for visiting and come back often!


Hugs and kisses,


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