Tuesday Travel Insights

My Trip to Oklahoma!

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Did anyone get to do any crafting this weekend?  Unfortunately, I have not created or crafted anything for the past week and a half!  I had planned on spending the entire weekend in my craft room making some videos and creating some cards AND sending pictures to my nearest Walgreens to print for my upcoming scrapbook retreat!  When my week was over on Friday 9/11, I received a phone call on Friday evening from my brand new boss (who I have not even met yet) asking me to go to Oklahoma to another job site to help out.

So, Sunday morning, I headed out on my little journey.  It was a lot of wide open spaces.  A nice little change from the hustle and bustle of the big city life here near Houston.  Corn fields all around me even at the job site location as you can see in the photos below:


It was nice getting out of town but after a 10 hour drive the first day, working all day the second day and driving back home 10 hours the third day, I was totally exhausted and not very creative at that point.  I am so glad to be back in Texas!  Even just seeing the sign made me happy.  Although, every time I go on a trip out of state, the longest part of getting out of Texas is the majority of my trip because Texas is sooooooo large!

Upcoming Wedding & Retreat

So, this weekend is my step-daughter’s wedding and my scrapbook retreat so I don’t have much time to get ready for those.  I did get my nails done yesterday and just look at this cute little flower the technician drew on for me……  🙂



Now I just have to sort through my digital photos and send them to print at my local Walgreens.  I also need to check my stock on my flip flaps!  Love my flip flaps!  Hopefully I will be ready by Friday to have fun with the girls this weekend at my retreat.

I will try to get a couple of videos out next week.  I have a craft room tour video I want to post of my Craft Addict Studio but I need to edit first.  Maybe I will have time to do that this weekend after I wind down from scrapbooking.

Don’t forget your flip flaps!

Do you have pictures that you can’t add to a layout because you have run out of space?  You may have pictures that really go with your theme or they help tell the complete story but there is not one more inch of space on your layout.

Try adding Flip Flaps to your page to give you more picture space.  Slide photos or other artwork into the pocket and attach the Flip Flap with its adhesive strip.  Join my party and buy them here.



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